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Sunny & Vincent's Surf & Sand Laguna Beach Wedding

Sunny and Vincent's journey began in 2016, with a meeting at a friend gathering in San Diego. Little did they know that this encounter would be the start of a beautiful love story. Fast forward to 2018, when their paths crossed again, this time in Irvine. They bonded over their shared love for sushi and residing in the same city, their friendship blossomed into something more. They like many others found themselves postponing their wedding because of the pandemic, but finally, in 2023 they found themselves drawn to the picturesque waters of Laguna Beach, ultimately choosing Surf & Sand Laguna Beach as the perfect backdrop for their wedding day!



On the rooftop of Surf & Sand Resort against the backdrop of the beautiful ocean waves, Sunny and Vincent exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony in Laguna Beach. Live singers set the mood as loved ones gathered to witness their union, creating an atmosphere of warmth and romance that perfectly captured the essence of their love. Sunny was dressed in a beautiful mermaid gown which paired perfectly with Vincent's powder blue tuxedo!


The reception that followed was a reflection of Sunny and Vincent's joyful personality and shared laughter. A cute side note is that their pet names are "Bunny & Ducky" because they feel like they are like the characters Bunny & Ducky in Toy Story 4. Guests were treated to an array of sweet delights, including a decadent dessert table and an indulgent ice cream bar. Entertainment took center stage with lively games like musical chairs and the shoe game, ensuring laughter and joy filled the air throughout the evening.


Every detail of Sunny and Vincent's wedding was thoughtfully curated to reflect their unique love story. From the exquisite wedding ceremony arch to the intricate stationery featuring a welcome sign and tables adorned with stunning pink and white floral arrangements. Each element added elegance, sophistication, and personal touch to the celebration.

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