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What’s the benefit
of  hiring a
wedding planner?

Many of our couples hire us for their own personal reasons and preferences. Some couples we have worked with had no experience planning such a large scale event, designing their dream wedding, and coordinating among dozens of vendors. Some couples simply don’t have the time. Others want a professional’s perspective to ensure they are not overpaying or being taken advantage of.

Planners like MWS also help prevent catastrophe. There are so many negative consequences when you book bad vendors. Vendors not booked from our Premier Vendor List can become a source of major anxiety for the couple. We have seen vendors arrive at the wrong location, show up hours late, and not provide enough food for the guests. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. An expensive one at that. Taking a chance on unproven vendors to save a few dollars is not worth it.

In addition, MWS will provide practical feedback most couples do not think about. For example, for cake cutting, we recommend lighter cake colors. We’ve seen brides horrified upon seeing dark chocolate around their mouth and in between their teeth. We’ve heard of a bride ironing her veil before the wedding, burning a huge hole making the veil unusable. We have enough experience to guide our couples from making seemingly small mistakes that lead to not so ideal circumstances.

Some of our couples hire us for our troubleshooting expertise. No matter how perfectly you plan, there are always unforeseen circumstances. A good planner will be prepared to handle tricky situations with creativity and poise. Your dance floor came in at the wrong size because the venue provided incorrect dimensions? No worries. We’ve handled this very situation, literally calculating square feet and tile size with the installation company. Your Unity candle broke in half. We’ll patch it up on the spot so your guests won’t notice a thing. The point being, a planner will take the burden of dealing with day-of snafus so you can focus on each other and your guests.

Are you able to help coordinate the tea ceremony?

Yes, we have a tea ceremony coordination service, which is included in The Crane (Full planning) and can be added to The Dove (Coordination) and The Swan (Partial Planning). See our "Services" page for more details of what are included in this service.

How many hours do you include in your coordination service?

As many hours as needed. We arrive at the venue before the first vendor is scheduled to arrive on-site and won't leave until we’ve double-checked everything.


Typically, the bride/groom do not need us physically with them while they are getting ready, but we will still coordinate remotely with vendors, such as making sure the hair/makeup artists and photo/video team arrive and finish on time for you to get to the venue on schedule.

How many people are on your team for the day of the wedding?

Our standard packages include up to 3 people in the day-of coordination team (1 lead + 1-2 assistants). However, depending on the size of the wedding and how much time we have to complete the setup, we might or might not need additional assistants.

When do you start working with us after we book you?

We start right away and will schedule a welcome call via Zoom after you book us.


For full planning and partial planning clients, there will be monthly progress updates via email and monthly zoom meetings. For coordination clients, we will have a mid-point check-in meeting in between our welcome call and 8 weeks out to review planning progress. For all clients, we will work especially closely with you, your vendors, and your venue during the last 8 weeks to finalize all details. Please review our "Services" page for more details.

Will you work with vendors not on your list?

Yes, we will coordinate with all your vendors once they're booked, whether or not they're on our
preferred vendors' list. However, we won't guarantee the quality of their service. We can review any vendor, and share if we see any red flags to avoid any unfortunate mishaps or vendor nightmares.


Our 5-star vendors are personally vetted by us. This means we’ve worked with them, we can
guarantee their quality, and we trust them to execute their duties on your special day. MWS also
sometimes receives a special price from our vendor network that you won’t receive by going to
them directly. It is our goal to deliver you the highest quality vendor for the best value.

What is the difference between full planning and partial?

Services that are included in the Full Planning, but not in the Partial Planning, are venue research, wedding design, tea ceremony coordination, wedding website creation, and RSVP management.


Couples who are busy and want a professional and experienced planner to take care of it all will most likely choose Full Planning. For couples who are able to spend time on wedding planning and already have a venue and design vision, Partial Planning would be the best fit.


We can also customize packages based on couples' needs. For more details, please review our "Services" page.

Are travel fees included in the package fees for venue visits or other meetings?

Depending on the location of the venue(s), the client is responsible for all travel expenses including airfare, accommodations, meals, and ground transportation for the accompanying MWS team member. Detailed travel related fees/calculations are detailed in our contract.

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