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My Wedding Songbird Review
Staphany Lao

"Fun to work with!"​

Johnny and I got a recommendation from someone to have Sarah as our wedding coordinator and so glad we made this happen! Sarah and her team were professional yet personable, respectful, and fun to work with. She was always there via email or call to answer any questions/concerns. She has a strong attention to detail which plays such a big role as a planner and is able to remain calm with last minute changes we had! Our wedding wouldn't have happened without Sarah and her teams hard work. We truly are grateful for them and they handled everything so well behind the scenes.

My Wedding Songbird Review
Anne Fan

​Sarah was my superstar wedding coordinator, MC, and singer! She has the voice of an angel. She sang our First Dance, and it was beautiful. Some people didn't even know she was singing live until a few people pointed it out, and they were so shocked/impressed because they had thought the song was playing from a CD! She helped me plan my wedding since Day 1 and has been my support system the entire time. I couldn't have done it without her! She gave me awesome referrals - she knows the wedding industry, she knows the right connections, and she knows how to perfectly execute a wedding. As an MC, she knew how to get the crowd going, made funny jokes, and kept the party going. Everyone at my wedding had so much fun and my husband and I were very happy during the whole event. It was a day/night to remember! Thank you Sarah for your dedication, hard work, and expertise. Hire her for your event planner, coordinator, singer, and/or MC, and your special day will be a huge success!

"My support system the entire time"​

My Wedding Songbird Review
Nancy Ly

"Knowledgeable about wedding timelines"​

I booked Sarah for a day-of-coordination service and was so happy with her! I booked her due to her being bi-lingual and because she had past experience at Lunasia, the chinese banquet hall I had my wedding at. She set my partner and I up with a template timeline and Google Drive leading up to the 6-week countdown. Once it came close to the date her team dove into our plans and were very helpful in checking our work and handling all the decor that we had purchased. She set it up exactly like how I requested. I liked that she was able to help communicate with the Chinese staff as much as she could because she knew some Canto. Her team is soooo amazing, too - on the day of it was obvious she briefed them really well because they all kept the show running so smoothly and there were 0 hiccups (at least that I knew of!). Finally, I love that she had a great recommendation for a last minute hair and makeup artist that I needed. She is really knowledgeable about wedding timelines and is not afraid to speak up when she has a concern - I appreciate that about her! 100% would recommend her to other brides.

My Wedding Songbird Review
Kelly Le

"Most personable!"​


After a lot of research and a few interviews with other planners, we hired Sarah as our partial planner/day of coordinator. I felt that she was the most personable of the bunch - she asked questions about us during the initial call that gave me a good sense that she was trying to 'learn' us, likes/dislikes, etc. and most importantly, she was within and understood our budget from the start. It was also important to us that our planner have experience with Asian weddings and spoke fluent Chinese as that was where our reception would be. I had already started researching other things that I had and explained that + what I needed help with. I know some people are hesitant about getting a planner (STRONGLY recommend getting a day of coordinator at least!!), but after this experience, I would highly recommend it. Sarah was such an amazing resource and her spreadsheet/monthly meetings kept us in check on the time line. I consider myself as a very organized person, but life can be overwhelming as it is, let alone planning a large event like a wedding. Her team was also amazing. On the day of, Tina was a big help in filling for Sarah and my bridal assistant (Sarah's assistant), Cleo was so amazingly awesome. Cleo seriously thought of everything we needed all day from the photo shoot to the reception, from swapping out my heels to hydrating and taking breaks. We also had 2 others from the MWS team on the day of too. Overall, Sarah and her team were fantastic and I'm so glad that we went with them!

My Wedding Songbird Review
Kelli Lam

"Experience with Asian weddings"

If you're looking for a wedding planner/coordinator who is dedicated and on top of everything, you can stop looking because Sarah is your girl. We're from Chicago and wanted to have a destination wedding. We still wanted to include our traditional tea ceremony, (even though we knew it wouldn't be super traditional due to the travel), so we wanted to find an Asian wedding planner who would have experience with fitting that into the wedding day. After speaking with Sarah on the phone and seeing how she was super personable and experienced, we decided to book her. During the whole planning process, we conducted all our meetings over Zoom and Sarah was very accommodating with the time difference. She was super patient and flexible with us throughout, even when we had to change our destination 3 times due to personal reasons (I was freaking out but she remained calm and told me everything will work out, which it did). Sarah was also very responsive over email and texts so we always knew what was going on with vendors and whatnot. Since I'm very indecisive and wasn't too picky about details, she was always willing to offer her advice/input, which I appreciated. We had our wedding on the island of Oahu and everything turned out so beautiful. Prior to the big day, Sarah accompanied us on our venue and some vendor visits in Hawaii. She also helped us by picking up and transporting our signages and other miscellaneous decorations from LA to Hawaii. On the day of, Sarah and Chanel, her assistant, made sure all the guests and vendors knew where to go and did their best to stay on schedule. Sarah and Chanel also helped decorate the chapel for our Chinese/Vietnamese tea ceremony. Chanel did the Cantonese translation for the ceremony and I heard she did a good job (I only know Vietnamese so this is based on what my husband and guests told me haha). The wedding was a BLAST and dreamy and we couldn't have done it without Sarah. I really wish I could relive the day. We're so grateful and happy to have worked with Sarah and her team.

My Wedding Songbird Review
Sher Huang

"The best experience"

It was the best experience to have a wedding planner on our side along our wedding planning as we only had 5 months to plan. Right after we hired Sarah, she gave us a great timeline for us to follow through for each month counting down to our wedding week and it helped us with our organization and stay on top of our tasks. More importantly, she is effective and on top of her work and produce quality work, I highly recommend her for wedding planning!! Thank you Sarah for all your help!

My Wedding Songbird Review
Jennifer Holt

"Worth every penny"​

Initially, I wasn't planning on having a day-of-coordinator because I'm pretty laid back and I had planned most of the wedding on my own, but after hiring her I realized how much more needed to be done.  She went above and beyond what her role was.  Anytime something needed to be done she was there. I was able to enjoy my wedding so much because she was busy handling all the behind-the-scenes madness.  This review barely scratches the surface of how great she is.  Sarah is worth every penny and I would highly recommend!

My Wedding Songbird Review
Esther Huang

"Kept me on track"​

Sarah is amazing!! She took my work scrambled brain and kept me on track, and provided good tips and insight where needed. I couldn't have planned a wedding within 7 months (on top of buying and renovating a home) without her help. Not to mention it was a backyard wedding so we needed to find everything ourselves! The vendors she chose were all amazing and I couldn't be more happy with the way my wedding turned out.

My Wedding Songbird Review
May Hsu

"One of the best decisions I have ever made"

It has been 6 months since my wedding. As I look back on the big day, I still think working with Sarah is one of the best decisions I have ever made in life. Being a bride who had very limited resources and only got 3 months for planning, I would say Sarah's help was significant. During our first meeting, Sarah quickly sorted all the ideas I got and planned according to my schedule and budget. She made this spreadsheet that was super helpful for us to keep tracking on progress! She also went above and beyond helping me look into different sources including DJ, wedding decorations, etc. I received a lot of compliments after my wedding for the decor and DJ. I have to say, the DJ has a very beautiful voice for live music! In addition, Sarah is also a very talented person herself! She's not just a planner/coordinator, she is also a singer and artist. Working with Sarah made me feel like I was working with a team that at least got 5 people! She sang and decorated for the most part of my wedding. She even officiated for us! I was amazed by how she used her artistic hands to put all the pieces I got together. Can't be grateful enough to have her. Simply wished to thank her for what she did for my wedding. Photos attached for reference. She is your best choice no matter what style your wedding is.

My Wedding Songbird Best Wedding Planner Review
Bill Brownlie

"The perfect Chinese-American wedding"

Sarah was extremely helpful from start to finish. She worked diligently with our family to create the perfect Chinese-American wedding, which included a number of very personal touches and beautiful cultural traditions.  Not only a wedding planner, Sarah provided the complete package, serving also as a bilingual officiator and hostess.  Several of our guests commented about how terrific she was in all roles.  Her staff was also very helpful and professional. Although our original vision called for a backyard wedding under our gazebo, the weather did not cooperate.  With the first forecast of rain, Sarah was proactive in helping us create alternate plans that were every bit as lovely.  With only two days to go, we found a nice room at a local hotel and made the decision to move locations. Sara sprang into action and brought the wedding indoors without any loss of vision.   Everyone had a great time.  It was truly a day to remember.

My Wedding Songbird Best Wedding Planner Review
Tianbo Xu

"Made our ceremony extra memorable!"​

Sarah from My Wedding Songbird was a literal Godsend for our wedding - our Lady Savior from above! I would start a church in her name if I could. We first booked Sarah as our officiant and day-of coordinator in 2019 from a word-of-mouth referral (yes, she was that popular). From the first meeting, she came off as someone who cared deeply for her clients and made us feel very comfortable, even though we were in way over our heads by trying to plan our own wedding & didn't know any better. Thankfully, she was always happy to offer expert advice whenever we needed a nudge in the right direction. When we had to postpone due to the pandemic, Sarah was happy to move our dates no questions asked, and even sent us a lovely gift on our would-be wedding day. While our big day drew close, her team started engaging us 6 weeks prior and laid out very organized & detailed spreadsheets to document every minute detail of the event. As an officiant, Sarah was hilarious, charming, and incorporated a ton of personal details into the script that not only made our ceremony extra memorable, but also kept all the guests laughing and entertained. Not to mention her Mandarin & vocal skills were both on point. I lost count of how many guests had told us how great of an officiant she was after the wedding! For the day of coordination, I won't go into everything she and her team of 3 wonderful assistants (Demi, Patricia, and Anna) did because they did so much, but I would say a good way to tell if your coordination team did an amazing job is if you (bride/groom) had a great time and didn't have answer a single question from the vendors the entire evening. And that's exactly what happened. We had a blast and didn't have to worry about a thing! Well, we did have to put up with vendors constantly pestering us about how great a job Sarah and her team did throughout the night :P A few things worth noting: 1. We had a ton of DIY decors that needed Sarah's help to set up, and she did an amazing job, especially with our dessert and welcome tables where we left her very little instructions. 2. We actually ran out of bottled water a few times throughout the evening, and her team went out and got multiple cases for us right away. 3. Her entire team stayed all the way until the very end - I'm talking shutting the place down and turning off the lights - to diligently help us take down and pack away all the decors, and to make sure every last vendor cleanup goes smoothly. 4. Every single one of our vendors sang high praises for Sarah & her coordination team. That speaks for itself. So, if you're looking for the officiant & day of coordinator of your dreams, look no further. If you don't think you need a day of coordinator, do yourself a favor and schedule a meeting with Sarah, ASAP. Lastly, a huge THANK YOU to Sarah and My Wedding Songbird for everything you've done to help make our dream wedding become reality!

My Wedding Songbird Best Wedding Planner Review
Betty Jin



A few months before the wedding things went haywire as our venues brought us unforeseen challenges that even caused us to move our reception location. I was in full-blown crisis mode and knew I needed to find a wedding planner with experience and a personality to quell my anxiety. I am incredibly grateful to the team at Wedding Song Bird for helping us find vendors and booking them swiftly. My partner and I would not have made it across the finish line without them. With their involvement, our wedding was a breeze. They worked on details that I had not even foreseen coming. Their inventory of wedding decorations really helped save budget and made our reception a much more beautiful space than I could have ever expected! Thank you to the Wedding Songbird Team, especially to the lead Sarah + Kimberly our day of coordinator.

My Wedding Songbird Best Wedding Planner Review
Connie Yu

"A+ service"​

Sarah helped us throw a fabulous wedding ceremony and reception. Sarah helped us stay organized during the planning phase, and help us with vendor suggestions when we were stuck. The end result was a beautiful wedding. We especially loved the florist she recommended, who did an amazing job putting together flower arrangements for our wedding and reception. We also appreciated that she was willing to meet with us when and where it was convenient for us. A+ service. Thank you, Sarah!

My Wedding Songbird Best Wedding Planner Review
Betty Chen

"Fun and enjoyable"

Sarah is an AMAZING wedding planner. My wedding turned out exactly the way I imagined and that was all thanks to Sarah. She was great to work with. She's responsible, reliable, and most importantly, patient. Working with her was fun and enjoyable. She really took the stress off wedding planning. I highly highly recommend working with Sarah! We especially loved the florist she recommended, who did an amazing job putting together flower arrangements for our wedding and reception. We also appreciated that she was willing to meet with us when and where it was convenient for us. A+ service. Thank you, Sarah!

My Wedding Songbird Best Wedding Planner Review
Stacey Kao

"We couldn't have done it without her!"​


We knew planning a wedding from the opposite coast would be difficult and struggled to figure things out from such a distance. She introduced us to so many great vendors and was able to put together all the disjointed pieces of our ideas and inspirations into something beautiful and whole. It was an amazing day and we couldn't have done it without her!

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