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Connie Yu

"A+ service"​

Sarah helped us throw a fabulous wedding ceremony and reception. Sarah helped us stay organized during the planning phase, and help us with vendor suggestions when we were stuck. The end result was a beautiful wedding.

We especially loved the florist she recommended, who did an amazing job putting together flower arrangements for our wedding and reception. We also appreciated that she was willing to meet with us when and where it was convenient for us. A+ service. Thank you, Sarah!

Betty Jack-626.jpg

"Highly recommend"

Sarah is an AMAZING wedding planner. My wedding turned out exactly the way I imagined and that was all thanks to Sarah. She was great to work with. She's responsible, reliable, and most importantly, patient. Working with her was fun and enjoyable. She really took the stress off wedding planning. I highly highly recommend working with Sarah!

Stacy Kevin 2137.jpg
Stacey Kao

"We couldn't have done it without her!"​


We knew planning a wedding from the opposite coast would be difficult and struggled to figure things out from such a distance. She introduced us to so many great vendors and was able to put together all the disjointed pieces of our ideas and inspirations into something beautiful and whole. It was an amazing day and we couldn't have done it without her!

Betty Chen

"The best experience"

It was the best experience to have a wedding planner on our side along our wedding planning as we only had 5 months to plan. Right after we hired Sarah, she gave us a great timeline for us to follow through for each month counting down to our wedding week and it helped us with our organization and stay on top of our tasks. More importantly, she is effective and on top of her work and produce quality work, I highly recommend her for wedding planning!! Thank you Sarah for all your help!

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 4.56.44 AM.png

"Worth every penny"​

Initially, I wasn't planning on having a day-of-coordinator because I'm pretty laid back and I had planned most of the wedding on my own, but after hiring her I realized how much more needed to be done.  She went above and beyond what her role was.  Anytime something needed to be done she was there. I was able to enjoy my wedding so much because she was busy handling all the behind-the-scenes madness.  This review barely scratches the surface of how great she is.  Sarah is worth every penny and I would highly recommend!

Sher Huang
Jennifer Holt
May Hsu

"Can't be grateful enough"

It has been 6 months since my wedding. As I look back on the big day, I still think working with Sarah is one of the best decisions I have ever made in life.


Being a bride who had very limited resources and only got 3 months for planning, I would say Sarah's help was significant. During our first meeting, Sarah quickly sorted all the ideas I got and planned according to my schedule and budget. She made this spreadsheet that was super helpful for us to keep tracking on progress! She also went above and beyond helping me look into different sources including DJ, wedding decorations, etc. I received a lot of compliments after my wedding for the decor and DJ. I have to say, the DJ has a very beautiful voice for live music!


In addition, Sarah is also a very talented person herself! She's not just a planner/coordinator, she is also a singer and artist. Working with Sarah made me feel like I was working with a team that at least got 5 people! She sang and decorated for the most part of my wedding. She even officiated for us! I was amazed by how she used her artistic hands to put all the pieces I got together. Can't be grateful enough to have her.


Simply wished to thank her for what she did for my wedding. Photos attached for reference. She is your best choice no matter what style your wedding is.

Anne Fan

"Superstar Wedding Coordinator"​

Sarah was my superstar wedding coordinator, MC, and singer! She has the voice of an angel. She sang our First Dance, and it was beautiful. Some people didn't even know she was singing live until a few people pointed it out, and they were so shocked/impressed because they had thought the song was playing from a CD! She helped me plan my wedding since Day 1 and has been my support system the entire time. I couldn't have done it without her! She gave me awesome referrals - she knows the wedding industry, she knows the right connections, and she knows how to perfectly execute a wedding. As an MC, she knew how to get the crowd going, made funny jokes, and kept the party going. Everyone at my wedding had so much fun and my husband and I were very happy during the whole event. It was a day/night to remember! Thank you Sarah for your dedication, hard work, and expertise. Hire her for your event planner, coordinator, singer, and/or MC, and your special day will be a huge success!


"A day to remember"

Sarah was extremely helpful from start to finish. She worked diligently with our family to create the perfect Chinese-American wedding, which included a number of very personal touches and beautiful cultural traditions.  Not only a wedding planner, Sarah provided the complete package, serving also as a bilingual officiator and hostess.  Several of our guests commented about how terrific she was in all roles.  Her staff was also very helpful and professional.


Although our original vision called for a backyard wedding under our gazebo, the weather did not cooperate.  With the first forecast of rain, Sarah was proactive in helping us create alternate plans that were every bit as lovely.  With only two days to go, we found a nice room at a local hotel and made the decision to move locations. Sara sprang into action and brought the wedding indoors without any loss of vision.   Everyone had a great time.  It was truly a day to remember.

Bill Brownlie
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