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Natalie & Jesse's Enchanting Disney Themed Wedding at The Colony House in Anaheim


As guests entered the ballroom of The Colony House for the ceremony at this Anaheim wedding, they were greeted by a scene straight out of a fairy tale. Rows of chairs adorned with cream seat cushions and dark wooden accents led to the altar, where a circular arch draped in greenery served as a stunning focus point. Delicate white flowers and twinkling fairy light fixtures and added that extra touch of magic.


The magic continued into the evening, where the ballroom underwent an amazing transformation from ceremony to reception. Round tables draped in light blue tablecloths created a dream like ambiance, complemented by elegant white table settings and silver cutlery. Each table had a centerpiece of lush greenery and white flowers, illuminated by dreamy fairytale-inspired lamp.

Unique Disney Elements

Natalie and Jesse’s wedding featured many Disney-inspired details that added an extra layer of charm to the event. From the "Adventure Fund" box at the welcome table, reminiscent of the film "Up," to the "Be Our Guest" sign above the seating chart, inspired by "Beauty and the Beast."As their wedding planner and wedding coordinator we made sure every detail was carefully planned to make this Disney-loving couple's dream wedding a reality. 

Delicious Desserts

No fairy tale wedding would be complete without a wedding cake. Natalie and Jesse treated their guests to a three-tiered enchanting and delicious display. Accompanied by a pastry shelf with a tempting array of sweet treats, their dessert offerings were as delightful to behold as they were to savor.

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