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I Said Yes - Lucky Number 7

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I should tell you our story.

It started 7 years ago...

We met, went for walks every month and inquired about it. Our day had a lot of little special features with the number 7. We went to the cinema, namely in room 7, and I was in 7th place. He then said that he was playing number 7 and even lived in house 7. After the cinema we went to eat ice cream and it is unbelievable that all the tables were occupied except for the seventh table.

After this long day, he told me that when we are 7 years together, he makes me a proposal. We're over Christmas now. flew to his family with friend to Russia and on 01/01/2020 he made an application. We are on the day when we did not say 7 years together that our seventh year has started and he wants to make the year the most beautiful for me.

Story provided by @elena.mayer_

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