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How to Host a Lunar New Year Party

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

As one of our traditions, we love celebrating Chinese New Year! We had so much fun helping plan this styled shoot for a Lunar New Year Party. We've gathered some of our party tips below:

  1. Use Red & Gold Red and gold are considered lucky colors in Chinese culture, believed to bring good luck and fortune to those who use them for decorations. Gold is associated with wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. Together, the two colors are said to provide the ultimate combination of luck and success.

  2. Use Decorations Like … Decorations that are perfect for a Chinese New Year party include red paper lanterns and Chinese couplets. Red paper lanterns are said to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Red Chinese couplets are calligraphy scrolls that are hung on the walls, doors, or windows and are said to bring happiness and good luck. Other traditional decorations include decorations with symbols of the zodiac animal of the Lunar New Year, as well as gold coins.

  3. Include Traditional Foods Traditional dishes eaten for Lunar New Year include dumplings, spring rolls, and rice cake. Dumplings symbolize wealth, while spring rolls symbolize wealth and luck. Rice cake is a symbol of prosperity and is believed to bring people good luck. Other traditional dishes are fish, noodles, and chicken. Fish symbolizes a wish for abundance, noodles represent a long life, and chicken is a sign of fertility.

  4. Red Envelopes Red envelopes are a traditional part of Chinese culture and are often given during the Lunar New Year as a symbol of luck and prosperity. Red envelopes are filled with money and given to children and family members as a sign of good luck and prosperity.

  5. Last But Not Least enjoy it all together! We hope you love our styled shoot as much as we did!


Planner : In the Clouds Events @inthecloudsevents Tina Li

Planner : My Wedding Songbird @myweddingsongbird Sarah Wang

Desserts : Macaroons Phanncy Treats @phanncytreats Nancy Phan

Desserts : Sugar cookies Custom Sweets by Z @customsweetsbyz Zomy

Chocolate Koi fish and gifts : Cocoa Rome Chocolate Co @cocoa_romeJackie Rome

Venue : Whimsy Pasadena @whimsypdna Joanna & Kathy

Decor & Props : Charger plates, lanterns, silk orchids Portofino International @portofinointernational Misty & Lucia

Paintings : Artistry by Adonna @artistrybyadonnaAdonna Ebrahimi

Florist : Yours Truly Design @yourstrulydesign_Dandi Dandan

Paper Flowers on wall : Enchanting Crafts by Ana@enchantingcraftsbyanaAna Rodriguez

Glassware : Vintage Borrowed Rentals @vintageborrowedrentals Martha Hernandez

Graphics & Prints : La Design Boutique @ladesignboutiqueAnna Quach

Decor & Props : MoCaLife @mocalife Sarah Wang

Decor & Props : AbGrfx @abgrfx13 Sonia

Rentals couch, round table, linens, pipe & drape, white dishes, flatwared : Vini's Party Rentals @vinispartyrentals Nayma Bran

Photographer : L.A. Momma @l.a.momma Rachel Carrillo

Producer : Festively @festivelyPatty Flores & Iris Hosea

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