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A Chinese & Spanish Celebration at La Venta Inn

The goal for this styled shoot was to deliver well though-out designs that not only honor the Chinese culture but also partners with other cultures and traditions as we often work with couples that come from different backgrounds. The beautiful grounds and architecture of the Spanish Villa, La Venta Inn, served as the perfect backdrop and inspiration for this Spanish Chinese Wedding!



The double happiness symbol holds great significance in Chinese weddings, representing the union of two individuals or families into one, symbolizing double the joy and happiness. The symbol itself is formed by combining two "happy" characters. In our tea ceremony scene, this symbol is elegantly displayed in a subtle champagne gold color on the top of the fireplace mantel. To incorporate the Spanish floral design into our color palette of peach, blush, and red, we chose non-traditional Chinese tea sets. It is customary for parents to gift red envelopes containing cash and gold jewelry to the couple during the tea ceremony, a common tradition.


One design element that our team absolutely adores is the floral fan. It beautifully captures the essence of both Chinese tradition and the passionate Flamenco Spanish vibe, creating a harmonious blend of cultures. The florist's expertise truly shined through in designing the fan, using real flowers to infuse it with vibrancy and texture. Each flower was meticulously hand-glued onto a traditional Chinese hand fan, featuring dark red bamboo frames. This detail fills us with a sense of celebration and joy. To complement the stunning florals and the picturesque scenery, our bride gracefully wore a dramatic textured tulle ball gown by Martina Liana, featuring a blush hue that perfectly harmonized with the overall aesthetic.


The seating chart sign cleverly plays with words, stating "We're your biggest fans," accompanied by a charming display of chinoiserie fans on a shelf, serving as a backdrop for the table assignment signs that coordinate with our table numbers. We took inspiration from both Chinese and Spanish cultures' rich fan history and incorporated fans not only as the seating chart but also as a unique replacement for the traditional bridal bouquet. This delightful twist adds a touch of cultural fusion to the wedding. Furthermore, our bride exuded elegance and allure in a modern puff shoulder satin "reception" dress designed by LeBlanc, which beautifully enhanced her femininity and brought a touch of glamour to her ensemble.


As a fusion wedding, our primary aim was to infuse the celebration with elements that held significance to both Chinese and Spanish cultures. We took the traditional Chinese double happiness symbol and gave it a modern twist, incorporating a circular design. To further blend the two cultures, we included Spanish Tile motifs, Orange Blossoms Fortune Cookies, and vases adorned with Chinoiserie patterns. In addition to the visual elements, we incorporated meaningful foods from Chinese culture. The pomegranate, symbolizing fertility, abundance, posterity, and virtuous offspring due to its numerous seeds. The longan fruit, representing prosperity and wealth. The tangerine, believed to bring good luck. To add a playful touch to the luxurious place setting, we placed a menu card underneath the fortune cookie with the phrase "We're so fortunate to have you," infusing a delightful vibe into the overall experience.


Here are some tips to successfully achieve the desired look. We strongly recommend that couples from diverse backgrounds embrace smart and intuitive design that celebrates both their cultural heritages. By blending elements from each culture, not only can the guests enjoy familiar aspects, but they can also discover and appreciate the beauty that connects the couple on a deeper level.

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