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A Guide to Wedding Invitations

When it comes to planning a wedding, every detail matters. And one of the most important details that often gets overlooked is the wedding invitation. Wedding invitations are more than just a piece of paper, they are a reflection of the couple's style and a crucial part of your wedding. As wedding planners, it's our job to guide our clients through the process of creating beautiful and meaningful invitations. In this blog, we'll give you a guide to the five key aspects of wedding invitation etiquette.

1. Timing:

When to Send Out Invites and Save the Dates Timing is crucial when it comes to wedding invitations. Save the Dates are typically sent 5-6 months before the wedding, allowing guests to mark their calendars well in advance. The invitations are usually sent out around 2 months before the wedding. For destination weddings, you may want to send out Save the Dates even earlier—around 7-9+ months in advance. This allows guests to plan travel and accommodation, particularly if they're coming from afar.

2. RSVPs:

What Are RSVPs and How to Do Them Right RSVP stands for "Répondez s'il vous plaît," which is French for "Please respond." When designing your invitations, always include a clear and easily accessible way for guests to RSVP. This can be through a traditional response card, a wedding website, or even a designated email address. Be sure to specify a deadline for responses, typically 1 month before the wedding, so you can provide the caterer and venue with an accurate headcount, create your seating chart, and escort cards, and update your rental or floral order according to the final table count. If you're sending out a physical invitation, we highly recommend creating a website and putting the URL on your invitation for guests to RSVP online. Traditional response cards could get lost in the mail, and guests might fill them out incorrectly, incompletely, or hard to read. On your website, you might address this as follows:

  • Example 1: "We're excited to celebrate with you and would love to have you join us for our special day. Please RSVP by [RSVP date]. Your prompt response is greatly appreciated, and we can't wait to share this memorable occasion with you!"

  • Example 2: "We can't wait to celebrate with you! Please RSVP by [RSVP date] so we can ensure everything is in place for your enjoyment."

  • Example 3: "We're looking forward to having you with us on our big day! To help us with the final preparations, please RSVP by [RSVP date]. Your timely response will be greatly appreciated, and we can't wait to celebrate together!"

3. Gifts:

What Is a Gift Registry and How to Let People Know What You Want A gift registry is a convenient way for couples to indicate their preferences and needs. Include registry information on your wedding website or a separate enclosure within the invitation. However, it's considered poor etiquette to mention gifts directly on the invitation itself. Make it clear that gifts are optional, and expressing your gratitude for their presence is enough. Setting up a newlywed funds section on the website is also a great alternative for guests to bless the couple. Below are some examples of how you might say this on your website:

  • Example 1: "Gifts are not required, but greatly appreciated! You can contribute to our honeymoon fund by clicking here, or on the gift registry link below."

  • Example 2: Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. However, if you'd like to contribute in a special way, please consider our registry for gift options [registry link] or use this link for monetary gifts. We appreciate your love and support."

  • Example 3: "We're truly honored to have you celebrate our special day with us. For those who wish to give a gift, we've created a registry to make the selection process easier. You can find it [registry link]. Alternatively, if you prefer to contribute monetarily, we've provided a link for your convenience."

4. Specific Requests:

Like Adult-Only Weddings and Destination Wedding Costs If you have specific requests, like hosting a child-free wedding or asking guests to pay for their flights to a destination wedding, communicate these with tact. Mention them on your wedding website or as an additional note in the invitation suite. Always be understanding of your guests' circumstances, and offer alternatives or suggestions to accommodate their needs. These are some examples of how you might say this on your website:

For Adult only weddings:

  • Example 1: "We kindly request that our wedding remains an adults-only celebration. We appreciate your understanding and hope you can enjoy this special evening with us, making it an unforgettable night for all our adult guests."

  • Example 2: "We're excited to celebrate our special day with all of our loved ones! To ensure that everyone can enjoy the festivities to the fullest, we kindly request that our wedding be an adults-only event."

  • Example 3: "Our wedding will be an adults-only affair, and we appreciate your cooperation in keeping the event child-free. This decision is to ensure everyone's enjoyment and comfort during the celebration. We look forward to celebrating with you!"

For Destination Weddings:

  • Example 1: "We are overjoyed to invite you to our destination wedding! As we embark on this extraordinary journey, we kindly ask that you make your own travel and accommodation arrangements. Your presence means the world to us, and we understand that this is an additional consideration. We're here to assist with any questions you may have about accommodations and travel in our chosen location."

  • Example 2: "Our wedding is set in a beautiful destination, and we would be thrilled to have you join us. In consideration of our unique choice, we kindly request that guests handle their own travel and accommodation arrangements. We're here to provide information and tips on the best options available in our chosen location."

  • Example 3: "We are thrilled to celebrate our wedding in this beautiful destination and would love to have you join us. Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance or recommendations for booking flights and accommodations."

5. Design:

Incorporate Your Wedding Vibe in the Invitation Design The design of your wedding invitations should reflect your personality and the theme of your wedding. Consider your color palette, fonts, and imagery carefully. If you're working with a wedding planner, they can help you create a cohesive design that aligns with your vision. Customizing your invitations adds a personal touch that will make them unique and memorable.

As destination wedding planners specializing in Chinese-American weddings, we understand your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests have of your special day, so they should not only convey essential information but also mirror your style and personality. By following these etiquette guidelines, you'll create invitations that are both elegant and considerate. With hope that this comprehensive guide will help you achieve your dream day!

Need Help Planning?

Our team of experts at My Wedding Songbird will happily assist you in putting together the perfect wedding package to make your dream day a reality. From finding the best venues in Mexico to booking all your vendors, we’ll be there to help you through the whole process!

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