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Our Best 2022 Wedding Advice

This December, we decided to do a wedding-themed advent calendar on our social media accounts! Here is a summary of all our tips, tricks, and inspiration we shared this month!

So let's get Into it! All the images down below are linked to the original videos so feel free to watch for a visual explanation.

3 Things to Avoid

There is so many things people tell you should do for your wedding but here are somethings you should definitely watch out for.Like walking to fast, not smiling and holding your boquet in an awkward position.

2023 Wedding Trend ~ Specialty Vendors

This one is a trend we are loving! Specialty vendors like 360 photo booths, boba bars, coffee trucks, lawn games and much more, are making wedding so much more fun and entertaining!

Wedding Must Have ~ Signs

Don't underestimate the power of the paper, it just might save you some from unwanted moments on your big day!

Wedding Do's & Don'ts

Here we share some more great tips about what you should and should not do on your day and also in preparation for the day. Tips like do save money by doing your own nails, but don't risk having messy makeup splurge on a makeup & hair artist.

Wedding Must Have ~ Photo Order List

Here we talk about what we think as wedding planners think is one of the must have items at your wedding which is the photo order list. In the video we give you an example of what this could look like.

If you are reading this thank you so much! We appreciate your support and wish you an amazing 2023! ❤️
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