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Connie & Eric's Pasadena Athenaeum Fall Wedding

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Connie and Eric were definitely a delight to work with. Connie is super talented. Not only did she make all the decor details herself, she is also an excel master who actually helped upgrade our event tracker spreadsheet to a whole new level! Eric is very detail oriented and made decision making a lot easier for all of us. We still can't get over the gorgeous floral column installments for the ceremony. Happily Ever After & More did such an amazing job, the bride was just overjoyed when she saw the final installment. The Athenaeum automatically drapes the ceiling during this part of the year (October). Please reach out to the Athenaeum directly for confirmation as the months for ceiling drapery might be subject to change. It was definitely a beautiful wedding to remember.


Draping/Chairs/Dance Floor: @carcanodj

Photo: @kwonphoto

Cake: Fortune Bakery

Macaroon Favors: @cremeandsucre

Photo booth: @gcphotobooth

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