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5 Ways to Make your Wedding Elegant

If you’re looking to make your wedding or event decorations appear more elegant, we gathered 5 simple ways to make it sophisticated.

1. Lighting

Lighting can make or break setting the mood. Some ideas to bring in the right kind of lighting could include: candles, color-washed reception walls, string lights, and uplighting.

2. Thin Lines / Fonts

In the signage, menus, invites, using thin lines and either script fonts / serif fonts / and sans serif fonts are all in the small details but can make a wedding stand out.

3. Adding in different metals

Whether it’s gold, silver, muted metals are all a great way to make it more refined.

4. Cohesive Color Scheme

A cohesive color pallet can pull it all together and really put the bow on the top.

5. Glassware

From vases to drinking glasses, even if it’s eclectic it always adds a touch of elegance.

Comment below which one is your favorite way to make your wedding or event more elegant!

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