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Chinese Wedding Decoration Ideas

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

As wedding planners, we have organized a great number of Chinese weddings. We've put together some of our favorite ideas for incorporating Chinese culture into your wedding.

Chinese Lanterns

A beautiful display of lanterns hung from the ceiling is a great way to bring your Chinese culture to the wedding. The candle's flame in the lantern symbolized knowledge and wisdom for the coming year. Although, in today's weddings, this traditional staple has taken on a new meaning. Now, Lanterns at a wedding may symbolize the love of the couple and that love lighting the way through the darkness.


Red Napkins & Linen

Place red napkins at each table setting with a double happiness design like the ones in the first photo or go ahead and add more color with red linens like in the second photo. The color red represents good luck and happiness and can also be used as a symbol of joy. If you would like more red & gold decoration Ideas, check out our blog on 10 Ways to Use Red & Gold in Your Chinese American Wedding

Pic 1 : @jakechoiphotography, Pic 2: @livwiththelens

Floral Decor

A Floral arrangement of peonies or orchids is a beautiful way to incorporate your culture into the wedding decorations. Peonies and Orchids are popular Chinese flowers. Peonies represent romance, prosperity, and abundance, while orchids represent fertility, purity, love, and beauty.

Pic 1: @etherandsmith , Pic 2: @ peonyparkphotography_

Calligraphy Invitations

A traditional Chinese calligraphy invitation is an excellent way to welcome your guests. At many Chinese weddings, invitations include two copies of an ancient poem called "The Double Happiness Poem," which expresses the joy of the couple's marriage.

Pic 1: @ peonyparkphotography_ , Pic 2: @ linandjirsa

Gold Candles

Gold candles placed on tables around the venue can be used in place of lanterns. Gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in traditional Chinese culture. Placing gold candles on each table can add a touch of luxury & elegance to your wedding theme.

Pic 1: @carissawoophotography, Pic 2 @kellyh_photo


Some beautiful decorative chopsticks are a great way to add something special to a delicious Chinese banquet. Stay tuned to see how a guide on how to put together a Chinese wedding banquet every guest will love!

Pic 1 : @jakechoiphotography, Pic 2: @ peonyparkphotography_ If you enjoyed this blog check out our collection of so many other great love stories & wedding advice HERE Or if you are ready to make your wedding dreams a reality click HERE to contact us

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